August 1, 2010


Not the 20 page preview we sold out of in a matter of days over on our sister site UnderCoverFish, this is the full 48 page book-- Chapter ONE of Andy's magnum opus vampire tale.

Europe 1931 Jon Harker is a recent graduate student struggling to find his way in his new job.   He goes after his first real assignment with gusto--throwing himself into Eastern Europe to meet with one of the firm's more difficult clients, Count Dracula of Transylvania.

Along the way he encounters ghosts, werewolves, zombies and Nazi's-- and this is only Chapter ONE!

52 pgs BW with Sketchbook Section.  This will be in PREVIEWS magazine in the late fall but you can get an advanced copy right now.
AVAILABLE NOW at a special reduced price of $9 with FREE SHIPPING if you plunk $20 worth of stuff into your cart.
ORDER TODAY-- this is a VERY LIMITED run of copies before we go to BOOK TWO in the fall.

The Book will also be available as a digital comic through iTunes in FULL COLOR-- and we'll be offering a LIMITED EDITION FULL GHOUL COLOR 24 page edition right here next month.

Check out the FULL COLOR PREVIEW over on Andy's DRACULA BLOG.

The REVIEWS are starting to come in from all over the web:

"While Stoker's version is a classic no doubt it is at sometimes a bit on the dry side. I love that this one starts full blown with Harker running from the castle at a breakneck speed whileile being chased by horrible dark creatures that appear to be zombies. There's also a mysterious ghost and then Dracula... I'm going out on a limb, this IS the best version of the vampire king I've ever seen. He's charming and elegant while remainging brutal and animalistic-- I loved the interaction between him and Harker.

Another element which I think is an improvement over the source material is the character development and interaction. In the original novel all of the characters seem to maintain the very victorian stiff upper lip, seldom losing their tempers or displaying any outright emotion-- not in this one, the characters are each well thought out and carefully written, Harker for example is a nervous and gangly young man who is horribly jealous of the time his fiance Mina is spending with American Quincey Morris while Harker conducts his business in Transylvania."  - Dave Johnson